Conference in San Salvador

Conference of Santa María de Guadalupe meet for Revitalization of Missionary and Evangelizing Efforts

 From February 27 to March 3, 2017, the Secretaries for the Missions and Evangelization of the Conference “Santa María de Guadalupe” (Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean), met at the retreat house of Monte Alverna in San Salvador, accompanied by the Secretary General for Missions and Evangelization. The Secretaries of the 7 Entities were present, namely: 5 from Mexico, 1 from Central America and 1 from the Caribbean Custody. The meeting had three objectives: to share the life and evangelizing mission of all Entities represented; look at the Projects of the Order and how to project for the future; and to begin the preparation of the Third Franciscan Missionary Congress scheduled for October 2018. Later in the same place, from March 6 to 11, the Secretary General for Missions and Evangelization participated in the first Congress of Pastors and Rectors of the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe and of the “La Santa Cruz” Foundation in Haiti. The main objective was: to revitalize the missionary and evangelizing action of the parishes and rectories from the operational framework of the Province. 48 brothers were present.