Ongoing Formation for Friars of the General Curia

From the 5th-9th of October, all the friars of the General Curia, from the Minister General with his Definitory, to the friars who work in the different offices (Procura, Secretaries, Postulation, Justice and Peace, SFO, Pro Monialibus, Protocol, Communications, Translations, General Economo, etc.) as well as the friars who minister in-house (reception, sacristy, friary finances), have gone through five intensive days of ongoing formation at the beginning of their six-year term of service.

The purpose of the week was, first of all, for the friars to get to know one another better since many friars are new to the General Curia. A second goal was the improvement of the capacity for collaboration. For this purpose, two days were allotted to Dr. Mario Becciu, a professor at the Salesian University’s Education Science and an expert in communications and human relations, who illustrated the dynamics of collaboration through theoretical and experiential methods. Lastly, the third goal was to help everyone to know, at least for the heads of offices, the work of each friar in the Curia. Each friar shared his specific responsibilities, duties and projects making everyone more conscious of the fact that all the friars in the Curia, though having diverse roles, are part of one project of service to the Order and to the Church.

As for the community prayers, not only did they unite the friars daily in prayer, they were also moments of special and diverse experiences. To end the week, according to the healthy tradition of the Order, a dinner that is different from the usual was served to mark the end of a beautiful week. The active participation of everyone, the atmosphere of fraternity and the seriousness of the work brought the friars of the Curia to be grateful to the Lord for the wonderful opportunity of ongoing formation.