Online Seminar on Franciscanism in Spanish language

The Theological Institute of Murcia is offering an online Seminar in Spanish beginning this year on Franciscanism entitled “The Franciscan Heritage: Experience, Reflection, Current.” The course consists of three parts: the first is dedicated to the study of the biography and the writings of Francis and Clare; the second part deepens the theme of the Franciscan movement in the first centuries; the third part studies Franciscan thought and the “Franciscan school” (Bonaventure, Duns Scotus, etc.). The program is open to anyone interested in expanding his/her intellectual knowledge of Franciscanism. No minimum educational level is required, although it should be noted that the lessons are designed for university students. The professors will be from the Theological Institute.

The seminar is offered in e-learning mode. Content is accessed through the virtual classroom of the OFM Theological Institute of Murcia. Online learning is tailored to the needs and schedules of each participant: the virtual classroom is accessible 24 hours a day. This year’s course is presented as a preparatory course and other courses are scheduled for the coming years.

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