Our Vocation: Leaving or Remaining Faithful

This resource has been prepared by the Commission for “The Service of Fidelity and Perseverance”, a body that the 2009 General Chapter decided to establish, and which was reconfirmed by the 2015 Chapter (Decision n. 6).

The aim of this resource is to reflect on the phenomenon of friars who choose to leave the Order and especially on the motivations behind such a decision. Starting from the premise that this reality also raises questions for those friars who remain in the Order, it offers themes for reflection as well as ideas for formation, in the hope that these can help the friars to know and to interpret the data, and in particular to encourage fidelity and perseverance.

Our reflections and questions are an invitation to enter into dialogue at the various levels of the Order regarding the theme of departures from the Order. With that in mind, it would be desirable that the proposals be used in a process of discussion and sharing among us; initially at the level of the Conferences of Provincial Ministers, who would then be invited to suggest proposals to their individual entities, especially to those responsible for the accompaniment of Under 10s (SPUTYs), as well as to the Moderators of Ongoing Formation, and to Guardians.


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