Particular Statutes for the Missions and the Evangelization

The Secretary General for the Missions and Evangelization, Br. Luis Gallardo Loja, announces the availability of the Statutes for the Missions and Evangelization on the OFM website: “Brothers Secretaries for the Missions and the Evangelization of the Entities of our Order, we are pleased to announce that the General Definitory has approved the updating and publication of our Special Statutes of the General Secretariat for Missions and Evangelization (SGME) and the International Council for Missions and Evangelization (CIME). We also place them at your disposal to serve as an orientation in the work you carry out as brothers responsible for the Missionary and Evangelizing animation of your Entities”.

Estatuti SGME y CIME (español)
Statutes of SGME and CIME (English)
Statuti Italiano Sgme e Cime CtStatuti SGME e CIME (italiano)