PCO Chronicles: Tuesday 19 June

At 9 am a new working session began in this second week of the PCO with a new methodology presented yesterday (the “World Café”). This will allow us to move towards addressing all the various issues that emerged last week.

The first session looked at the topic “Migrants, refugees and people in exile”. Our keynote text described the unprecedented magnitude of migration today and the issues that arise. We asked: How does this phenomenon challenge us? How can we respond to this reality of migration?

Shortly after 11:30 am the second session of the “World Café” began with the theme “Young people”. The keynote text spoke of some of the aspects of young adults from around the world. After finishing this session, a brief summary of the morning’s work was made, and the participants were summoned to resume the work in the third session of the day, at 3 pm. The fourth phase of this session was cancelled to allow the moderators and the facilitators gather and collate the contributions of all the groups.

At the scheduled time, the third session of this day began with the same approach with the theme: “Fraternity in mission.” Our keynote text presented a challenge: How can we undertake new initiatives of “fraternity in evangelizing mission” that integrate the lay brothers in the mission all the brothers, as they sometimes feel excluded from it? From here, the third “World Café” session took place.

At 4 pm the work of the councillors concluded. After giving the moderators and facilitators their tasks, all the participants of the PCO were driven at 7 pm to a restaurant in the area to enjoy an African barbecue, after which, they returned to the Council headquarters to close the day.

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