PCO Chronicles: Thursday 21 June

We started our day with a reading from St. Bonaventure’s Major Legend on exaltation of the virtue of poverty in which we are called to detach ourselves from places, peoples, ideas and anything that stands between us and Christ who has called us. Br. Manuel, the secretary general of the CPO guided us through the election of a third member in the economy commission as required by Rules of CPO Art. 19.

The CPO assembly was then addressed by Br. Julio, the General Vicar of the Order on evaluating the implementation of the 2015 General Chapter decisions.  The different aspects he dealt with can be found at the last pages of the CPO booklets. His presentation was followed by an open forum of the assembly in giving feedback about the Order’s situation and asking questions to the Minister General and his Vicar who responded accordingly.

We concluded our day by visiting St. Anthony of Padua Fraternity in Langata, a house of studies of St. Francis Province of East Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius. We were accorded a warm fraternal welcome characterized by free sharing with the friars and culminated by sharing dinner.





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