PCO Chronicles: Day 2 of presentations (14/6/2018)

We started our morning sessions at 9.30 am with a short prayer session. The moderator then asked the brothers who had arrived the previous day to introduce themselves.

Brothers from Central Europe Conference (COTAF), English-Speaking Conference (ESC), North-Slavic Conference (SLAN), South Slavic Conference (SLAS) and Holy Land were invited to present their report for 30 minutes. The content was mainly in three areas namely: social-economic-political and cultural aspects and the challenges involved, the situation of the Church/religious life and the challenges involved and finally the friars’ responses. It was followed by 10 minutes discussion in groups, then observations and questions session after which friars representing the conferences were given a chance to respond to the questions.

The friars showed great interest in the various presentations by their observations and questions posed to the different speakers. It was of vital importance to hear the different challenges friars are undergoing in their various conferences and the different modalities of addressing them. To be prophetic in our various regions, we need to invest in our fraternal life. We concluded our sessions with words of gratitude from the Minister General Br. Michael Perry to all presenters and an active participation of the brothers present.

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