PCO Chronicles: Day 3 of presentations (15/6/2018)

After the celebration of the Eucharist and the recital of Morning Prayer in linguistic groups, and a lively and cheerful time at breakfast, we began work at 9.00 am.

A day that was expected to be intense had to begin in good spirits and promptly. So, at 9.00 am the report of the EAST ASIA Conference began. The three speakers used a little more than half of the time allotted to them. The groupwork offered a good list of questions and suggestions that elicited responses that even went beyond the report and there was a very lively involvement right from the beginning.

After the break, the brothers of the AUSTRALIA / OCEANIA Conference took over. Both they and those who would later present the report of the CONO SUR Conference carried out their work with efficiency and brevity. This encouraged a similar approach in the rest of the assembly and in gathering the fruits of abundant questions and interesting answers.

After a lively lunch, the afternoon session unfolded with a tone very similar to that of the morning. Resisting any tiredness, speakers and councillors took advantage of the time dedicated to the Bolivarian and Guadalupe conferences to bring the second session to a conclusion.

Evening prayer in the whole assemblyrather than in linguistic groups was animated by UCLAF. It made sense of all our work and sent us off to a dinner that was a prelude to a new festive and, hopefully, fraternal forum: the World Cup match between Portugal and Spain. If someone loses, it will not be us. May the best team win … because they cannot both do so.

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