Plenary Council Preparations

Dates and location of PCO:

  • From June 12th to 28th, 2018
  • Arrival should not be earlier than June 10th and departure not later than June 30th
  • Location: Dimisse Sisters House, Karem Road 00502, Nairobi (Kenya):


Travel Arrangements:

  • Should you need a letter of invitation in order to apply for a Kenya tourist visa, please send a copy of your passport to the Provincial Secretary of the Province of St. Francis, East Africa: Br. Cornelius SMITH
  • A Visa application can be made online: Click here.
  • Vaccines are necessary; proof of Yellow Fever vaccination may be requested from you at the border.



  • In order to properly organize the arrival and transport of the friars, please send a copy of your airline ticket to the Secretary of the PCO:


Some useful information:

  • Money: 1 € = approximately 121 Kenyan Shillings
  • Time: UTC + 3
  • Weather: Temperatures during the month of June vary from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, with the possibility of rain.


Don’t forget:

  • Franciscan habit
  • For priests: alb and white stole.
  • A breviary in one of the three languages of the CPO for celebrations in language groups.
  • Clothing for Fall/Autumn season and rain.
  • Electricity: Voltage: 240 V, Frequency: 50 Hz, Plug Type G. Please bring an adapter.
  • The bedrooms have mosquito nets, but mosquito repellent would also be a good idea.
  • If you’d like, bring some little souvenirs from your country to share during common recreations.


CPO Participants can access the complete Preparation information here.

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