Pre-Synod, YouFra and the Study Day at the Antonianum on “The Faith of Youth”

Pre-Synod and YouFra, the voice of those who will prepare the document to be given to the Pope

2018 will be remembered above all for the Synod wanted by Pope Francis to give voice to the hopes of the young. The subject of the Synod which will take place in October, “Youth, faith and discerning vocations” will place the young people themselves at the centre of attention for the whole Church. From 19th to 24th March 2018 a pre-synod meeting will be held at which young people from various parts of the world will be invited to draw up a shared document which will be given to the Pope on 25th March and will flow into, together with other contributions received, the Instrumentum Laboris, which is the document which the Synod Fathers will consider. Amongst the contributors to the document is Riccardo Insero, the President of Italian Franciscan Youth (GiFra). The ACI press interviewed him.

Riccardo, a Pre-Synod meeting. The first question is what do you expect of it?

The Synod has been welcomed by all Franciscan youth with great enthusiasm, in that it sees that the Church wants to question itself not just autonomously but rather in conjunction with the contribution of the youth themselves, and that is a source of great joy. We feel the need to be accompanied, we know that we cannot “do it on our own” and witnesses are more than ever needed for the youth of today.

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Study day at the Antonianum

On Thursday 19th April there will be a Study Day held at the Auditorium of the Antonianum on Accompanying the Faith of Youth today, organized by the Franciscan Spirituality Institute of the Antonianum Pontifical University.

During the course of the day there will be several interventions, including Paola Bignardi on “God in my way”: youth in terms of faith, and Nico Dal Molin, on Accompanying Young People: from the spirit of fear to the spirit of Love. In the afternoon Loredana Locci, Massimo Pampaloni and Alessandro Partini will animate a round table discussion on Experiences in spiritual accompaniment and the world of young people.

See the entire  programme here.