COMPI: XXXII Ongoing Formation Conference

COMPI promotes the “XXXII Conference for Formation and Studies,” in S. Maria degli Angeli, at Casa Leonori, Via Giosuè Borsi (Tel. 075 8044682 Fax 075 8044666,, from November 21 to 24, 2016, entitled “You are Good, the Supreme Good. Towards a Franciscan Formation for the Common Good.”

After addressing the elements that obstruct the common good (Br. Nicholas Riccardi), there will be a rereading and reinterpretation of some Franciscan images and images of St. Francis (Marco Bartoli). Brs. Johannes B. Freyer and Albert Schmucki will conclude the Conference.

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The overall cost of participation is € 200.00 (price includes meals, lodging, secretarial expenses and speakers). Dinner and overnight stay of 24 November are not included in the fee. Those wishing to use them should advance agreements with Casa Leonori. Please register via email by October 30, 2016, contact: