The CIME and its Executive Committee gathered in Jerusalem

The International Council for Missions and Evangelization (CIME) with its executive committee (CEME) met April 22-27 in Jerusalem, to discuss the following:

  1. Review the reality of the evangelizing mission of the Order through the Order’s Conferences in the world.
  2. Have an ongoing formation space for all the secretaries of Mission and Evangelization of the different Conferences. With the help of the friars of the Holy Land Custody.
  3. Develop an action plan for the next two years, and at the same time choose the new members of the CIME, which will be presented to the general Definitorium for approval.
  4. Prepare a message for the participants in the Plenary Council of the Order (CPO).
  5. Make a short pilgrimage to the Holy Places with the friars of the CIME to motivate their evangelizing work and at the same time, to strengthen their love for the Holy Places.

The gathering was held in an environment of fellowship with the support and enlightenment of the brothers of the Custody who with their 800 years of history have encouraged us to continue to give the best of ourselves in service of the Order.