The Executive Council for Missions and Evangelisation prepares the “Ratio Evangelizationis”

From 26 to 29 July, the CEME, the Executive Council for the Missions and Evangelisation of the Order, held a meeting at the General Curia in Rome. As explained by Br Francisco Gomez Vargas, OFM, General Secretary for the Missions and Evangelisation, the meeting’s goal was to assess the process of drafting a Ratio for the Evangelisation of the Order. To identify the elements of missionary evangelisation in the line of synodality.

During the four days of work, the Council met and dialogued with various Secretaries and Offices of the General Curia. Br Darko Terpet, Secretary for Formation and Studies, presented some biblical foundations of Evangelisation to the Council, the link between Formation and Evangelisation. The Office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation – represented by Br Jaime Campos and Br Daniel Rodriguez – presented solidarity in Evangelisation.

One of the most important moments was with Br Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General. First, he gave a brief overview of the historical path of the Order – starting from the Extraordinary General Chapter of Medellin in 1971 to the last General Chapter in Rome in 2021. Then, he addressed an invitation to the whole Order to mission and Evangelisation, with particular attention to the young, to work for justice, peace and the integrity of creation, and to the digital continent. Finally, the Minister noted that “the ground is more than ready” to “set out on a Ratio Evangelizationis for the entire Order”. He underlined the document’s importance: “Having a Ratio, that is, a raison d’être for evangelisation in our Order, brings us back to the very raison d’être of our vocation and supports and encourages it”.  

Apart from the organisers – Br Francisco Gomez Vargas, Secretary General for Missions and Evangelisation, Br Dennis Tayo, General Animator for the Missions, and Br Elbon Viagedor, secretary of the meeting – representing the Order were Br José Rodriguez, Br Johannes Freyer and Br Ibrahim Sabbagh.