General Definitorium with the Conference Presidents moving to the Peripheries

At a meeting held from 17 to May 20, 2016 at the General Curia, Rome, the General Minister submitted his Report to the General Definitorium and the 14 Conference Presidents. His Report dealt with what the Friars are experiencing in response to new challenges facing the Friars Minor in various places.

The General Minister has also explained the following eight possible steps for the renewal of the life and mission of the order:

1. An Order whose brothers seeks to renew daily their relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. An Order seeking a path of humility and simplicity of life.
3. An Order characterized by a spirit of dialogue in all areas.
4. An Order that is constantly renewing its missionary spirit.
5. An Order deeply engaged in the struggle against all forms of social sin.
6. An Order engaged in human labor.
7. An Order that tries every avenue of collaboration between the Conferences, Provinces and Entities.
8. An Order that nourishes itself on the hope and dream that “all may be one.”

Next: the Minister invited the Presidents and General Definitors to reflect on today’s realities and contexts that demand new responses.
Every day, during the meeting, we celebrated the Eucharist, lauds and Vespers in the official languages of the order. On May 18, 2016, in the afternoon, the participants went to St Peter’s Basilica to go through the Holy door.
In addition to the general Minister and his Definitorium the meeting the Presidents (or Vice Presidents) of the conferences was attended by:

• Br. Juan María Martínez de Ilarduya,”CONFRES”.
• Br. Sabino Iannuzzi, “COMPI”.
• Br. Hugh McKeena, “English Speaking” Conf.
• Br. Carolo Ho, “EAC”. Conf.
• Br. Oliver Ruggenthaler, “COTAF”.
• Br. Paul Smith, “SAAOC”.
• Br. Grégoire Kateta Bowa, “African”. Conf.
• Br. Alan Tomasz Brzyski, “North Slavic”. Conf.
• Fr. Miljenko Steko, “South Slavic”. Conf.
• Br. Dobromir Jasztal, “The custody of the Holy Land”.
• Br. Inácio Dellazari, “CFMB”. Conf.
• Br. Santiago Andrade Triviño, for Conf. “Cono Sur”.
• Br. Héctor Eduardo Lugo García, Conf. “Bolivarian”.
• Br. Juan Medina Palma, for the Conf. “Mexico, Central America and Caribe”.

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