The International Commission for Economic Affairs

The International Commission for Economic Affairs (CIRE) held its first meeting on 26-27 January at the General Curia in Rome.  This commission, made up of friars and lay experts in financial matters, is appointed by the General Definitory as advisors to the financial affairs of the General Curia, and specifically to the work of the Office of the Economo.  The members that met in Rome are the ad hoc commission appointed to specifically address the debt management program as mandated by the 2015 General Chapter.  The commission will shortly present a comprehensive debt management plan to the General Definitory for consideration and implementation.  

The ad hoc commission, with additional members to be appointed, will become a permanent commission to advise on a broader scope of financial matters including property management, financial planning and reporting, investments, human resources, etc.  The members appointed to the ad hoc commission include fr. Julio Bunader (Vicar General), fr. Antonio Scabio (General Definitor), fr. John Puodziunas (Economo General), Mr. Leslie Quick (a debt and investment manager from the United States) and Mr. Wilmer Smeenk (a banker and lawyer from Holland).