The Minister General visits the friars in Germany

Br. Michael Perry visited the Franciscan Province in Germany from November 25th to 28th, 2018. This was the first visit of a Minister General since the 2010 union of four German Provinces, whose 300 friars (approx.) now live in 34 friaries.

A highlight of the visit was the challenging address Br. Michael gave at the friars’ Retreat House in Hofheim. He spoke about the future of our Gospel-based Franciscan way of life and invited the friars to think outside the box and to see themselves as members of a world-wide fraternity.

Br. Michael saw how the friars in Fulda cooperate with the Antonius Netzwerk Mensch in working with those who have disabilities. The friary building is home to a meeting hall, a cafe, a tailory, and an inclusive community who help in the running of the project. The Minister General spoke of the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood in the Franciscan tradition.

The elderly and infirm friars in Theresienheim were happy to welcome Br. Michael; he celebrated the Eucharist and afterwards joined in a celebration with the congregation. The following day saw him in the friars’ school in Großkrotzenburg where he met the students and was interviewed by a group of them who run a radio club. He encouraged the staff and students to face the deeper questions in life and to consciously take responsibility for one’s own life and that of others. A conversation with the Franciscan Formation group, “Franziskanisches Bildungswerk” was the final event in the Minister General’s much-appreciated visit to Germany.