The “Prayer And Devotion” Commission

From March 30 to April 6, Friar Julio Bunader (General Vicar), Friar Gerardo Evans (Central America), Friar Emilio Rocha Grande (Spain) and Friar Diego Dalla Gassa (Holy Land), members of the “Prayer and Devotion” Commission, met together with advisers Friar Andre Cirino (USA) and Friar Eugenio Barelli (Italy) at the General Curia and at the Hermitage of La Verna in order to be able to offer to the General Definitorium what is needed to comply with the requests of the 2015 General Chapter: to encourage the entities of the order, through the publication of guidelines and indications of concrete means, to form a Hermitage Community or a House of Prayer, particularly dedicated to the life of prayer and devotion. (cf. Mandate 7).

In view of furthering the work of the Commission, the brothers who are part of hermitage communities or houses of prayer and to all those who so wish are invited to send suggestions and contributions to Friar Julio Bunader ( or any other member of the Commission before the end of May.