The Quaracchi Legacy

The inaugural meeting of the International Board of the Collegium Sancti Bonaventurae – International Center for Franciscan Studies and Research took place on January 10th & 11th last. A new name has been given to a Centre for Studies that has its roots in the wonderful Quaracchi tradition, which subsequently moved to Grottaferrata, and lately to St. Isidore’s, Rome. The traditional Latin name of the Quaracchi College has been combined with an English subtitle, indicating a future with an international focus.

Having devoted a year of planning and reflection to the restructuring and relaunch of this Centre for Studies, the General Definitory nominated an International Board for the renewed Collegium Santi Bonaventurae (CSB) last November. The CSB Board has four members who are lay Franciscan scholars: Jacques Dalarun, Gerard Pieter Freeman, John McCafferty and Marianne Schlosser. Four friars are also members of the Board: Br. Giuseppe Buffon, Br Johannes Freyer, Br John Puodziunas and Br Cesare Vaiani.

The inaugural meeting saw the Board elect a Chairman, John McCafferty, and included a session with the Minister General who outlined what the Order hopes from the CSB. The Board also nominated a friar to be Director, with the responsibility of being the coordinator and leader of the Collegium. Probably the most important work was the discussion and formulation of the vision and mission of the CSB, and dialogue on what its future research projects could be.

The friar editors of Quaracchi began a journey about 140 years ago, and right through the 20th century their vision produced great things. May this journey continue today and on into the future!