The San Bernardino Institute of Ecumenical Studies in Venice, Italy

The San Bernardino Institute of Ecumenical Studies (ISE) in Venice (Italy) has been offering training courses on the life and theology of the various Christian confessions, on the history of the ecumenical movement and its reflection for over thirty years, with a strong focus also on interreligious and Christian-Jewish dialogue. The consolidated experience of an interfaith teaching body, the rich library and the rich journal Ecumenical Studies offer important opportunities for study in these areas. The teaching language is Italian.


As a section of the Faculty of Theology of Pontifical University “Antonianum” in Rome, ISE offers:

  • a two-year Licentiate course, with courses concentrated in 3 days a week, for the achievement of the diploma in Theology with specialization in ecumenical studies, which opens the way to the doctorate;
  • two annual Masters, respectively in Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenical Theology, which can also be attended online, open to those who have no previous theological training;
  • Seminars and events – online and face to face – at different times of the year on the themes of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, but also on the great current questions of the churches.


The Institute gives students and professors from various parts of the world the opportunity to live together in the Friary of S. Francesco della Vigna in Venice during the period of school, and to cultivate mutual knowledge and interpersonal relationships, so important for ecumenism.