Venerables Louis Kosiba, Paula of Jesus Gil Cano, Maria Elisabetta Mazza

Promulgation of the Decrees of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

On 7 July 2017, the Holy Father Francis received in audience His Eminence Cardinal Angelo Amato, S.D.B., prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. During the audience, the Holy Father authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the following decrees:

  • the heroic virtues of Servant of God, Alojz Kosiba, religious of the Order of Friars Minor, born on June 29, 1855 in Libusza (Poland) and died on January 4, 1939 in Wieliczka (Poland).
  • the heroic virtues of Servant of God Paula of Jesus Gil Cano, foundress of the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Purish Conception, born February 2, 1849 in Vera (Spain) and died on January 18, 1913 in Murcia (Spain).
  • the heroic virtues of Servant of God Maria Elisabetta Mazza, foundress of the Institute of Little Apostle of the Christian School, born January 21, 1886 in Martinengo (Italy) and died August 29, 1950 in Bergamo (Italy).


Venerable Louis Kosiba

Louis was born on June 29, 1855 in Libusza, diocese of Tarnów (Poland). His admirable and fervent christian farmer parents were economically poor. After learning the shoemaker’s trade, in 1878 Louis entered the Friars Minor at Jaroslaw. He traveled to the novitiate in Wieliczka, to the present Province of Saint Mary of the angels in Poland. Louis spent all his life in the humble work of shoemaker, horticulturist, nurse and nurturing the poor. Louis brought into being his sanctity above all by the humble service of begging alms. Bother Louis visited the neighbors’ homes bringing to them his Franciscan joy and humility. He shared the Word of God and the content of the Faith. He distributed good writings. Brother Louis gave encouragement to the sick and enjoyment to the children. Louis died on January 4, 1939, at the age of 84, returning from his last begging for alms. He had the fame of being a saint. The cause for his canonization initiated in 1963.


Venerable Paula of Jesus Gil Cano

Francisca Paula founded the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Most Pure Conception in Murcia in 1880. She was born in Vera (Spain) in 1849. Paula was a modest person, poor in human resources, weak in health and strong in spirit and abundant in extraordinary charity. She communicated to her spiritual daughters the passion for Christ-poor through the foundation of numerous works of charity. Prayer was her support. She was serene, mild, prudent, anchored in God. She called herself a “poor and humble daughter of Saint Francis of Assisi“. Paula called her Institute a “little Franciscan flock”.

Francisca Paula was destitute of the government of the Institute in 1912. They marginalized Paula for being ill and for some misunderstandings. Francisca Paula forgave everything heroically. She died at the house of Murcia on 18 January 1913. The process for her Canonization started in 1995.


Venerable Maria Elisabetta Mazza

Maria Elizabetta was born in Martinengo, diocese of Bergamo (Italy) in 1886. She joined the Third Order of Saint Francis of Assisi in 1904. She was an elementary teacher in public school from 1911 on. She spread the word of God and the principles of Catholic morality in the field of child education and of relationship with their families. To this purpose, she founded a new religious institution that he called the Little Apostles of the Christian School, whose members practice the work of mercy of teaching, as a vocation, but incorporated into the activity of the public school.

The Servant of God cared intensely for the students of the poorest families, those in need of support, and those with psychophysical difficulties. Maria Elisabetta Mazza passed away in Bergamo on August 29, 1950. The Cause of Beatification was entrusted to Fr. Antonio Cairoli, OFM; General postulant of the Order, in 1987.