Catholic Church and Dialogue

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“If there is one word that we should never tire of repeating, it is this: dialogue!”

Pope Francis

As the Second Vatican Council declared, dialogue is essential to the identity and mission of the Catholic Church. Through Ecumenical Dialogue, the Catholic Church participates in the graced work of restoring the visible unity of all Christians – the one Body of Christ which estrangement and sin have shattered.

Through Interreligious Dialogue, the Catholic Church reverently engages the members of the world’s many religions in order foster justice and peace among all God’s children on the basis of mutual understanding, respect and love.

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Fransicans from a Dialogue Committee

Franciscans and Dialogue

Fraciscans and Dialogue

“The Brothers are to strive to …be ready to enter into dialogue with everyone”

OFM General Constitutions: Article 93, §1

As faithful sons of the Catholic Church, Franciscans are irrevocably committed to ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. In the mystery of the Incarnation, Christ became every person’s brother, without exception. As people called to walk in Christ’s footsteps, Franciscans embrace that same path of brotherhood so that, by a kind and reverent presence among both fellow Christians and the sincere members of other religions, they may build up the people God has given them (cf. OFM Constitutions, 95, §2).

Mission Statement of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue

The Commission for Dialogue promotes engagement in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue at every level of the Order. It fulfills this mission principally by supporting local initiatives of Brothers and Provinces by communicating these initiatives to the broader Order, and by promoting programs, materials and formative experiences to prepare Brothers and the people they serve for engagement in all forms of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. On occasion, the Commission may act in the name of the order to develop collaborative relations with other entities of the Franciscan Family, the Church and the wider world.
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We support the work that our Brothers engage in at every level of our life, especially the local level where ecumenical and interreligious dialogue takes life.

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We communicate the good work that our Brothers and their dialogue partners are doing to our Order, our Church and all People of good will.

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We promote dialogue by offering programs, materials and formative experiences to our Brothers and the people they are privileged to serve.

Mission Statement of the Special Commission for Dialogue with Islam

The purpose of the Special Commission for Dialogue with Islam is to encourage and assist Brothers and other members of the Franciscan Family in establishing relations with Muslim communities at the local level for the purposes of genuine friendship, and promoting common concerns of peace and justice. In addition, the Special Commission will serve to encourage scholarship in interreligious studies, and identify and provide educational resources from the Catholic-Franciscan and Muslim traditions to promote mutual understanding.
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We encourage our Brothers and other members of the Franciscan Family to establish solid relationships with Muslim communities at the local level.

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We assist our Brothers and their Muslim dialogue partners as they grow in mutual understanding, friendship, and a common commitment for
justice and peace.

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We promote dialogue between Franciscans and Muslims by encouraging scholarship, and by identifying and providing educational resources to promote mutual understanding.

Resources and Formation

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We offer numerous resources for free download from this website. The International Fraternity for Dialogue also offers an annual Course in Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue.

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