Conferences in the OFM

The document “The Conferences in the OFM: historical-legal development and new challenges towards the future” has been published in digital version. It offers an overview of the Conferences of the Ministers Provincial of the Order.

The General Chapter of 2021 formulated a mandate (No. 31) that goes like this: “The Minister General and his Definitory must undertake a complete review of the current structure of the Conferences and, where necessary, make the appropriate adjustments in the configuration of the Conference structure, favoring dialogue and exchange between the General Definitory and the Entities and Conferences.”

To carry out this mandate, the General Definitory at the end of 2022, appointed a Commission to carry out a study on the Conferences of the Order. The Commission comprises Br Claudio Durighetto, Br Francisco Gomez Vargas, Br César Külkamp, and Br Cesare Vaiani. The Commission drafted a text which aims to offers some elements to understand better the past history and current reality of the Conferences of Ministers Provincial in the Order of Friars Minor.

The text is composed of four chapters, which are more or less brief: the first proposes a brief “institutional” history of the Conferences and the second, the evolution of the Order’s legal norms that have regulated them; the third chapter offers the qualitative assessment of the Order’s governance structures that emerged from the 2021 General Chapter, and the fourth attempts to elaborate some germinal reflections looking to the future. 

Download the document: Italiano - Español - English