Message from the Minister General

Communicating today means being able to convey what we are, what we believe in and the experiences we have. Therefore, not only to update but to inform in order to reach hearts, and to travel those "digital roads, crowded with often wounded humanity" (cf. Message for the XLVIII World Communications Day).

Therefore, the need for the Order's new website stems from the need for communication that speaks to everyone and reaches their hearts, including ours, like the words of the Saint of Assisi.

In our case, communicating is also evangelising for an increasingly aware and informed community. Communicating is, therefore, a relationship - albeit digital - with the reader, which must be renewed and respond to the challenges of the times.

We believe in two-way communication, not a one-way communication that speaks to itself, but one that can listen, receive, and understand. So today, we choose a style of communication that speaks to everyone and allows everyone to be reached by words of hope, closeness, and humanity.

Today, after 800 years, we are still custodians of the words of St Francis and narrators of a story - his - that has grasped and affected us. Today, communication still changes the lives of each of us, questions us and moves our deepest heartstrings.

The new website aims to be the voice of the whole Order of Friars Minor, which in every corner of the earth is the face of St Francis. This instrument also aims to be an outstretched and open hand to our brothers and sisters.

Hoping that this new communication tool will be fruitful and bring a message of peace and life.


Br Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General OFM

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