A picture is worth a thousand words

27 November 2023

Just before our friars and their guests met in Kansas City, MO, (Oct 2023) for the Decree establishing the New Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe (USA), there was another meeting held at the same location.  The friars of the English-Speaking Conference (ESC) of Provincials met for a few days to share their solidarity and support with one another.

Among the many important things discussed during these ESC days, there was time to reminisce and to be grateful for the many positive experiences of this particular configuration in recent years. There was also time to look ahead as the demographics of the ESC changes.

Br Greg Friedman, the new secretary of the ESC beginning in January 2024, shared a couple of pictures that quite an eloquent way of highlighting the changes ahead:

our English-Speaking Conference as we met 
officially in October 2023;


Our English-Speaking Conference AFTER the First Chapter of 
Our Lady of Guadalupe Province that took place in Kansas, MO.



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