Minister General

The Minister General is elected at the General Chapter for a six-year term. He can issue decrees for the whole Order, valid, however, until the General Chapter; after this time, they are no longer valid, unless confirmed by the Chapter.

Br Massimo Fusarelli, OFM

Born: 30.03.1963 – Rome, Italy
Novitiate: 28.07.1982
Temp. Profession: 30.07.1983
Sol. Profession: 08.01.1989
Ordination: 30.09.1989
OFM Province: St Bonaventure - Italy (Lazio-Abruzzo)

Vicar General

The Vicar General is elected in General Chapter for a six-year term. When the Minister General is absent or impeded, the Vicar General, who possesses ordinary vicarious power, governs the Order; however, he is not to use his power contrary to the mind or will of the Minister General.

Br. Ignacio Ceja Jiménez, OFM

Born on August 31, 1961 in Guadalajara, Mexico
Novitiate: August 14, 1981
Temporary Profession: August 15, 1982
Solemn Profession: April 10, 1988
Ordination: July 6, 1991
Province of the Saints Francis and James - Mexico

General Definitorium

The Definitors General, the number of whom is determined in the General Statutes, are elected in General Chapter for a six-year term. The General Definitory, as a collegiate body, must act in accordance with the law; as council of the Minister General it is to assist him and express its consent or advice in accordance with universal and proper law.

Conferences of Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech Rep. / Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Br. Konrad Grzegorz Cholewa, OFM

Born: 23.07.1981 – Sucha Beskidzka, Polonia
Novitiate: 16.09.2001
Temp. Profession: 17.09.2002
Sol. Profession: 04.10.2006
Ordination: 19.06.2008
Province of the Immaculate Conception BVM – Poland (Cracovia)

Franciscan Conferences of Asia and Oceania

Br. John Wong, OFM

Born: 03.07.1966 – Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Novitiate: 01.01.1995
Temp. Profession: 01.01.1996
Sol. Profession: 29.11.1999
Ordination: 02.12.2000
Custody of Saint Anthony of Padua - Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei

Conference of Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico

Br. Joaquin Echeverry, OFM

Born: 26.02.1955 – Nariño Antioquia, Colombia
Novitiate: 12.01.1975
Temp. Profession: 20.12.1975
Sol. Profession.: 27.01.1980
Province of Santa Fe - Colombia

African Conference

Br. Victor Luis Quematcha, OFM

Born: 27.04.1967 – Cumura (Prabis), Guinea-Bissau
Novitiate: 17.09.1990
Temp. Profession: 17.09.1990
Sol. Profession: 30.08.1997
Ordination: 02.05.1998
Custody of Saint Francis of Assisi - Guinea Bissau (Province of Saint Anthony - Northern Italy)

Anglophone Conference:
USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Malta, Lithuania

Fr. Jimmy Zammit, OFM

Born: 11.08.1955 – Toronto, Canada
Novitiate: 14.10.1973
Temp. Profession: 02.10.1974
Sol. Profession: 05.11.1978
Ordination: 13.06.1981
Province of Saint Paul the Apostle – Malta

Conferences of Italy, Albania, Spain and Portugal

Fr. Cesare Vaiani, OFM

Born: 20.10.1954 – Milano, Italia
Novitiate: 14.09.1974
Temp. Profession: 17.09.1975
Sol. Profession: 22.04.1979
Ordination: 14.06.1980
Province of Saint Anthony of Padua - Northern Italy

Conference of Central Europe, Hungary and Transylvania

Br. Albert Schmucki, OFM

Born: 20.07.1963 – Degersheim, Switzerland
Noviciate: 08.09.1988
Temp. Profession: 17.09.1989
Sol. Profession:  17.09.1994
Ordination: 23.08.1992
Dependent Custody of Christ the King – Switzerland

Brazil, Cono Sur and Bolivarian Conferences

Fr. César Külkamp, OFM

Born: 26.05.1969 – Ituporanga – SC, Brazil
Novitiate: 11.01.1988
Temp. Profession: 10.01.1989
Sol. Profession: 24.09.1993
Ordination:: 16.12.1995
Province of Immaculate Conceptions of the BVM – Brazil

Secretary General

The Secretary General of the Order has the duty of properly coordinating all the work that is done in the General Curia. He attends the sessions of the Ge­neral Definitory, but without having a deliberative vote. He records in writing what has taken place, keeps the seal of the Order and coordinates everything concerning administrative matters that have to be dealt with.

Fr. Antonio Maria Iacona

Born on August 8 in Ravanusa, Italy
Novitiate: September 14, 2006
Temporary Profession: September 8, 2007
Solemn Profession: September 16, 2012
Holy Name Prov., Italy