Br Pashko Gojcaj has been elected the new Custos

Custody of the Annunciation of the BVM in Albania and Montenegro

02 March 2024

In the context of the celebration of the Chapter of the Franciscan Custody of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Albania and Montenegro, the new Government of this Custody under the Minister General was proclaimed. The proclamation was made by the President of the Chapter, Br Ignacio Ceja, Vicar General, who announced that the General Definitory has appointed Br Pashko Gojcaj to the office of Custos, and Br Aurel Gjerkaj (Vicar), Br Vitor Demaj, Br Jak Kolgjeraj and Br Landi Jaku as Councilors.

After the publication of the offices entrusted to the f,iars the Eucharistic celebration took place presided over by the Apostolic Nuncio in Albania, Msgr. Luigi Bonazzi, who encouraged the friars to allow themselves be provoked by the Word of God written in the flesh of the poorest and to promote the unity of the Custody founded on fidelity to the Gospel through the observance of the Rule of St. Francis.

After the celebration, the Chapter continued, which took place in the city of Shkodra in Albania, with the theme "Brothers and Minors at the Service of the Gospel Today".

May the Lord bless the service of the newly elected brothers and sisters, and may the Virgin Mary, who at the Annunciation opened herself unreservedly to the Holy Spirit, intercede for the friars of the Custody so that they may be a prophecy of communion, reconciliation and peace.

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