Brazil Emergency

Fundraiser for populations affected by flooding

11 May 2024

The Friars Minor are alongside the populations of the Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, victims of four violent floods that have devastated the region in less than a year. The last one, in the first days of May, was the most devastating and brought the already precarious living conditions of the inhabitants to their knees, hard hit by these tragic phenomena which are now incontrollable.
The Fondazione OFM Fraternitas has launched an extraordinary fundraising campaign to help these populations.
The General Curia of the Order of Friars Minor, in the person of the General Definitor of the region, Br. César Külkamp, is in direct contact with Br. Marino Rhoden, Minister of the Province of San Francesco d’Assisi, which includes the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Br. Cesar launched an appeal to help Brazil.

Houses were swept away from the power of water and landslides; agricultural products and animals were affected, as were the roads and structures.
The government is working to rescue people and to bring them to safety. More than 120,000 persons are away from their homes, above the poorest of them. Parish churches opened their doors to receive persons, but many persons were affected by the waters.  Likewise, our brothers in Rio Grande do Sul have opened their houses, their churches, and their spaces to welcome people, offering whatever they can, but the situation is one of generalized need.
They lack food, clothing, hygiene products, medicines for the infants and elderly, drinkable water; the brothers are trying offer spiritual help and solidarity to the families suffering from the loss of loved ones, homes and means of subsistence.

The Minister General of the Order, Br. Massimo Fusarelli, also launched an appeal to help Brazil.

Spiritual and material solidarity has been expressed throughout the Catholic world: Pope Francis has expressed condolences and support in his Regina Coeli of Sunday, May 5; Bishop Aloísio Alberto Dilli OFM, of the diocese of Santa Cruz do Sul, has taped a videomessage of hope and courage for the populations; the Conference of the Franciscan Family of Brazile is also alongside the victims.

In an interview with Vatican Radio of Brazil, Archbishop Jaime Spengler OFM, of Porte Alegre (capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul), underlined the importance of welcoming and supporting anyone who has lost everything and has need of food, water, clothing and a roof under which one can shelter oneself.

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