Calm the Soul:  Poor Clare Sisters in Ireland release new song to help others

09 October 2019
Five years ago, the Poor Clares in Galway (Ireland) published a book of prayers and meditations called "Calm the Soul". One of the most popular prayers in the book also gave the book its title. That simple poem 'Calm the Soul' touched people so deeply that the Sisters thought that a musical setting could make it more widely accessible. They began to experiment with various tunes and came up with a melody that draws on the musical motifs of a traditional Irish love song, and it seems to really capture the mood of the poem. Now the Poor Clares, along with their collaborators — including Franciscan friars — have a hit on their hands. Sr. Colette, Abbess of the Poor Clare Monastery in Galway said “it’s God’s business what happens with the song and if it makes the charts it would be great. If it goes viral that would be great too. Our hope is that the message of the song will reach those who need a soul-lift or maybe who are just struggling to keep afloat in the ordinary everyday grind.” For more information:
Calm the Soul When my boat, Lord, is storm tossed and sinking; when fears in my heart take control, say 'Be not afraid' to my spirit and Your answer will calm the soul. When I flounder around in deep waters; when the stresses of life take their toll, a sudden deep hush steals upon me. Your gentleness calms the soul. When my life seems too full of confusion and I have lost sight of the goal, as I stumble about in the darkness may Your gentle light calm the soul. I often live life on the surface; sometimes I'm playing a role. Help me cherish my own inner beauty. May Your tender love calm the soul. When sinfulness tugs like an anchor; when guilt has me caught in a hole, I turn to You Lord for forgiveness, and Your mercy calms the soul. When I struggle with sickness and sorrow and eagerly long to be whole, I call on Your name to bring healing and the touch of Your hand calms the soul.
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