Communiqué from the General Definitory on the December 2023 Tempo Forte

26 January 2024

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The December Tempo Forte took place from the 18th to the 22nd at the General Curia of “St Mary Mediatrix”, in Rome.

The General Definitory, at the beginning, spent time together in personal narration, to deepen mutual relations and share the experiences of the period that has elapsed since the last Tempo Forte; the members of the Definitory verified the meeting with the new Ministers and Custodes in November; they met with the Guardians, Vicars and Bursars of the Roman Houses dependent on the Minister General; it visited the Poor Clare Sisters at the Monastery of St. Clare in Via Vitellia for the exchange of Christmas greetings; the Definitory updated the programme for visits to the African, FCAO (EAC and SAAOC) and Mexico-Central America-Caribbean Conferences; it listened to Br Darko TEPERT, Secretary General for Formation and Studies, for updates on the Document on Affectivity; they listened to Br Dennis TAYO, General Animator for the Missions, on the “St. Francis” Foundation in Papua New Guinea; they listened to Br Nicola RICCARDI, Legal Representative of “St. Anthony’s” International College, for an optimization of the internal services of the College; they conducted updates on the personnel of the Curia, the friars of the dependent fraternities (Lateran Penitentiaries, teaching staff and students of the “St. Anthony” International College), the Entities with a particular missionary vocation (Morocco, Turkey, Stratford); they met with Br John PUODZIUNAS, General Bursar, for updates on economic matters.

The General Definitory:


- Br Andreas BRANDS, Visitator General of the Province “The Holy Martyrs of Gorcum”, in the Netherlands and Flanders ('S-Hertogenbosch).

- Br Alojzy WAROT, Visitor General, and Br Marcello GHIRLANDO, Assistant Visitor General of the Custody of the Holy Land, in Palestine (Jerusalem).

- Br César KÜLKAMP Definitor General, Visitor General of the Province of the “Holy Trinity”, in Chile (Santiago de Chile).

The Definitory approved the shortlist of candidates for Minister Provincial of:

- The Province of “Our Lady Queen of Peace”, in South Africa (Vanderbijlpark).

Of the following Entities, it ratified the Acts of the elections that took place:

- In Chapter Congress: Province of “St. Francis Herald of Peace”, in Indonesia and West Papua (Jayapura); Province of “St. Michael the Archangel”, in Ukraine (Zhhytomyr).

- Out of Chapter, by Guardians: Province of “St. Francis of Assisi”, in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City), 1; Province of “The Holy Cross", in Brazil (Belo Horizonte), 3.

The Definitory analyzed the Reports of:

It approved, subject to condition, the Particular Statutes of:

- The Province of “St. Bonaventure”, in Italy (Rome); 

- The Province of “Saints Francis and James”, in Mexico (Zapopan).

The Definitory appointed:

- Br Josip PERCAN, President and Br Stefano RECCHIA, Vice-President of the Orders International Scotist Commission.

The Definitory has dealt with the following cases of separation from the Order:

- Dispensation from temporary vows: 1.

- Indult of exclaustration: 3.

- Indult of dispensation from solemn vows: 1.

- Indult of dispensation from the obligations of the clerical state and from solemn vows: 4.

- Transition to another Institute: 1.

- Dismissal: 2.

The Definitory examined, amongst existing and new practices:

- Case of contra sextum: 1.

The Definitory dealt with other practices of various kinds:

- Readmission to the Order: 1.

- Granting Obedience to go on a Mission: 1.

- Granting Obedience for re-entry into one’s own Entity: 1.

- Granting of a scholarship and/or Obedience to reside at the “Blessed Gabriele Allegra” Fraternity, at CISA, in Rome: 3.

- Anticipation of the Provincial Chapter: 1.

- Hiring a new employee for the Curia: 1.

- Special Requests for the Celebration of the Provincial Chapter: 1.

- Sale of real estate: 1.

In conclusion, the General Definitory verified the internal progress and the working methods over the last six months.

The General Definitory reminds the Ministers and Secretaries of all the Entities of the Order and the Heads (Presidents and Guardians) of the Entities dependent on the Minister General to communicate with the Offices of the General Curia through an official e-mail already provided. Those who have not received it, are asked to contact the General Secretariat (; whereupon those requesting will soon receive information about the Data Processing and Privacy Policy (GDPR).
Everyone is again reminded to check and update the data on the Database.
All the Secretariats of the Entities of the Order are reminded to send their requests to be submitted to the General Definitory within one week of the beginning of the work of the Tempo Forte; applications received outside this time will be postponed until the next Tempo Forte.

To the praise of Christ and the Poverello - Poor Man of Assisi. Amen!
Rome, 20th January 2024

Br Antonio M. IACONA, OFM
Secretary General

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