Conclusion of the Minister General’s meeting with the Visitators

22 November 2021
Rome, 19 November 2021. With the Minister General, Brother Massimo Fusarelli presiding at Mass, the 2021 meeting of the Visitators came to an end. They will now return to the various entities of the Order to celebrate their respective Provincial Chapters. During his homily, the Minister General defined the time of the Canonical Visitation as an interior and spiritual time for everyone and added: “I invite you to put yourselves in this frame of mind and immerse the service that you will undertake or that you have already begun in prayer. In prayer means in the heart of the relationship with God that each of us lives and in which and from which every service can take on light and true effectiveness, true fruitfulness”. In the name of St Francis, the Minister sent the Visitators to proclaim the faithful love of God and concluded by saying: “Go with confidence and allow yourselves to be surprised by the wonders that the Lord has already done and with which he prepares our way and opens up new paths for us. The Visitators devoted the morning to the theme “The Canonical Visitation, a favourable time for reviewing fraternal relationships” presented by Brother Antonio Scabio of the Province of St Anthony in Italy. In the afternoon, the 19 Visitators reviewed the week’s work in plenary session.  

Full text of the Minister General’s homily at the concluding Mass.




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