cTc No. 61 (06.2023)

30 June 2023

With Communion and Communication No 61, we begin the journey of deepening the Words of exhortation addressed by Francis to Clare and the sisters Audite, poverelle, whose 800th anniversary of composition we will commemorate in 2025. 

As we wrote at the close of cTc 60, "we have decided to devote ample space to the Audite poverelle in the next issues reserving the first to an introduction to the reading and to testimonies relating to the discovery of the text by the sisters of the Monastery of St. Fidenzio Novaglie, custodians of the manuscript, who experienced ‘live’ the stages of its ‘discovery’. 

Their words put us in touch with the different emotions that accompanied that moment. Ample space is devoted to the commentary on the Words of the Exhortation by Br. Carlo Paolazzi, ofm, published by Edizioni Biblioteca Francescana in the small volume entitled Francis for Clare (Milan, 1993). The text, of particular interest, has been divided into two parts, the second part will be published in the next issue. 

Paolazzi’s commentary is followed by a short introduction of Paolazzi prepared for us by Br. Marco Guida, ofm, who introduced us to the text and helps us to familiarise ourselves with the Author. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts! Our thanks also go to Br. Paolo Canali, ofm and to the EBF who allowed us to publish Br. Carlo Paolazzi’s text. Below, you will find the last part of the reflection offered by Sr. Marie de Jésus of the Monastery of Libreville, Gabon, rereading the encyclical Fratelli tutti in a feminine way. 

Finally, we recall the 60th anniversary of the magazine Forma sororum, currently published by the Monastery of Città della Pieve (Perugia, Italy): the essential events that determined its birth and development are quickly retraced. Before all this, Br. Fábio Gomes, ofm, General Delegate Pro Monialibus, accompanies us to grasp the movement of the Spirit that speaks to us through the Words of exhortation of Francis of Assisi. 

Let us treasure his words, in this ‘ordinary time’ in which we are sent as living witnesses of the Risen One. Please do not close this issue before also reading the last page, in which we invite you to send us notification of the Federal Assemblies held in the past six months, so that we can forward them to Acta Ordinis. Thank you for your collaboration! 

And remember that the next cTc 62 will collect testimonies and/or brief reflections on the first verses of the Words of Exhortation: “Audite, poverelle dal Signore vocate, ke de multe parte e provincie sete adunate”. It is therefore a question of vocation, and in particular of finding ourselves living together coming from very different places, which poses important evangelical challenges... Thank you in advance to all the sisters who would like to send us their reflections by the end of August 2023 to share in the next cTc 62! Happy reading! 

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The Sisters of the Editorial Staff 

P.S. We were just finishing writing this Presentation when we received the news of the death of Br. Dario Pili, ofm (2 June 2023), General Delegate Pro Monialibus from 1985 to 1991. It was he who inaugurated the series of the Communion and Communication issues, in which he wished to see the active participation of the sisters and to foster knowledge, relations, exchange, and interaction among all throughout the world. Our gratitude to this passionate, creative brother, solidly rooted in the Franciscan charism, a man of the Gospel, can never be enough.

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