Earthquake in Indonesia: the letter of Minister Provincial Br Mikhael Peruhe

24 November 2022

Following the violent earthquake that struck Indonesia on 21 November last, in the province of West Java, Minister General Br Massimo Fusarelli wrote to Minister Provincial Br Mikhael Peruhe. He asked for information about what had happened, the condition of the population and the friars, and to guarantee prayers and possible help. 
The earthquake had its epicentre in the hilly region of Cianjur, where the friars minor serve in the parish of St Peter.

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We publish Br. Mikhael’s response:


Dear Br. Massimo

Greetings of peace and all good. Hope you are well. 
Thanks for your fraternal attention and pray for us and victims of earthquake in Indonesia.

I’ve just came back from Flores to visit friars related to the new mission after the Provincial Chapter.
This is the short data of the earthquake in Western Java of Indonesia. On Monday 21 November 2022 at 13.21.10 (Western Indonesian time), there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 on the Richter. A total of 7,064 people were displaced, 377 people were injured, 31 people were missing and 271 people died. A total of 56.320 houses were slightly damaged, 22.241units were heavily damaged, and 11.641 units were moderately damaged. More than 15 villages were hit the earthquake. The parish where friars minor serve is Cianjur (St. Peter parish).

All brothers around the location of earthquake are well and no one injure by earthquake. But the building of church, presbytery, parish hall moderately damaged. Some friars’ community and Poor Clare are very close to the location of earthquake, but they are well.

Regarding the earthquake in Western Java, our JPIC has been presented there with victims in several remote villages, which were not reached by many aids and organizations, such as Loji Girang, sub-district of Cugenang, Ciberem village, Cianjur district. In our experiences, usually organizations and aids just reaching people or victims in the city, not for people in remote areas. That is why we choose the villages in remote areas.

JPIC straight to come to the location with some friars in that areas and they were starting to build the centre for serving. In the emergency period, they made a survey for house damage, food assistance, medicines assistance for children and pregnant women, mats, blankets. They will give priority health service to the people, especially children and elderly people. 

I think that we will accompany the victims for a long term until there is recovery. I will give further information and what kind of needs.
This my short report for letting you know.

Peace and good

Br. Mikhael Peruhe


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