Easter greetings 2024

Br Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General of the OFM

30 March 2024

Dear brothers and sisters, 

may the Lord give you peace!

In this centenary year of the Stigmata I am truly happy to address to you my fraternal and heartfelt wishes for a holy Easter right from the sanctuary of La Verna. It is the place where Saint Francis 800 years ago retired in a time of great temptation for him, of true spiritual struggle. We know that here he opened the Gospel three times, as at the beginning with the first two companions. It is always the words of Christ’s Passion that came to meet him allowing him to recognize the call that the Spirit kept making him listen: to follow the Lord Jesus on the way of the cross, on the way of lowering, on the path of love that gives itself to the end. 

From the great temptation to the new song is the path of La Verna, it is the gift of those signs of love that Francis mysteriously welcomes in his flesh. 
The new song is what I wish for all of us this Easter 2024, which returns among signs of death, of war but also of hope and life. 
The journey of Lent has prepared us to celebrate the Lord’s Easter and I hope that all of you will live it as joyfully and as truly as possible. 

Happy Easter to all!

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