Flemish and Dutch friars form one province

16 May 2022
The Minister General, Brother Massimo Fusarelli, accompanied by the Definitor General, Brother Albert Schmucki, participated in the Chapter of the Dutch Province of the Martyrs of Gorcum on the occasion of the merger of the Flemish Custody of Belgium into the Dutch Province.  The friars in the Netherlands and Flanders have shown in recent years that they can face the challenges of the future with an attitude of hope and realism”, said the Minister General during the Mass, which marked the culmination of the birth of the new entity. He showed his hope for the future by stating: “I am confident that also, in this Provincial Chapter, you will succeed in finding ways into the future together with a Franciscan attitude and with love”. The new Province of the Martyrs of Gorcum currently has 95 friars distributed in 10 friaries, three in Flanders and seven in Holland. The path of unification began in 2013 when the Flemish Custody dependent on the Dutch Province was established. In 2019 the friars of the Custody asked to be incorporated into the Dutch Province.
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