Meeting of the Vocational Youth Ministry staff

CONFRES and COMPI Conferences

29 January 2024

After an initial videoconference meeting in September, the friars of the staff of the Vocational Youth Ministry (VYM) of CONFRES (Spain and Portugal) and COMPI (Italy and Albania), from the 9th to 12th January had a second meeting in person at the fraternity of Christ of Peace, in Madrid. 

In recent years the Provincial Ministers of the two Conferences have discussed taking steps towards a future union. For this reason, the different areas (including Vocational Youth Ministry) were called to make contact and establish common lines of action. 
It was an enrichment to be able to share life and mission with the friars of the VYM of COMPI, shedding light on many issues and proposing ideas for working on evangelization with young people. 

The friars were also able to visit the Fraternities of Toledo and Arenas of St Peter and Paul, and St Anthony of Retiro in Madrid, where we had another meeting with the Minister Provincial and President of CONFRES, Br. Joaquín Zurera. 

We wish to thank all the friars who in these days have marked the beginning of a new stage in the Vocational Youth Ministry of our Conferences.



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