Revision and Renewal of Order Structures

Meeting of the General Definitory with OFM Conference Presidents

15 May 2023

The meeting between the General Definitory and the Presidents of the OFM Conferences will take place from 15 to 18 May at the General Curia. Four days to discuss the life of the Conferences, the challenges to be faced, and their renewal, in a perspective of fraternal and constructive dialogue in view of the upcoming events (Franciscan Centenaries 2023-2026, International Meeting of Lay Brothers, Chapter of Mats).

After the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by Br Fredy Galvez Angulo, President of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Conference, the morning meeting, moderated by the General Definitor Br Jimmy Zammit, began with the greeting and thanks of Br Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General: "Good morning brothers, welcome to each and every one: thank you for being here! This meeting takes on greater importance each time, and we will see it again this time, as we increase our reflection on the concept of "rethinking the Conferences", as the General Chapter has asked us to do," Br Massimo said.

Afterwards, the participants introduced themselves and shared the strengths and challenges of each Conference. Among the strengths, the presidents mentioned the good communication between the entities, the creation of common formation and mission projects, the senior friars' witness and fidelity to their vocation, the sense of belonging, the collaboration with the Franciscan Family and other religious. But around the world, the Conferences also face many difficult challenges: conflicts and wars, which affect populations and friars; old age and the decrease in vocations; formation to prevent abuse and the fight against clericalism.

In the afternoon, in the session moderated by the General Definitor Br Konrad Cholewa, Minister General Br Massimo Fusarelli presented the report "No one is saved alone: revision and renewal of the Conferences, Curia Structures and the Order". Afterwards, there was time for dialogue.

Following this, the General Definitor, Br Cesare Vaiani, presented the work of the Commission on Conferences (cf. General Curia Mandate n. 31), while Br Darko Tepert, Secretary General for Formation and Studies, introduced the topic of the revision of the organigram of the Curia and the Order (cf. Orientation n. 29).

In addition to the Definitory, the meeting is attended by:
Br Theodorus Van Adrichem, COTAF (Transalpine Franciscan Conference);
Br Lino Gregorio Velasquez Redoblado, EAC (East Asia Conference);
Br Thomas Nairn, ESC (English Speaking Conference);
Br Mikhael Peruhe, SAAOC (South Asia, Australia and Oceania Conference);
Br José Alirio Urbina Rodríguez, Bolivarian;
Br Daniel Alejandro Fleitas Zeni, Brazil and Southern Cone;
Br Joaquín Zurera Ribó, CONFRES (Conference of Provinces of Spain and Portugal);
Br Fredy Gálvez Angulo, Mexico and Central America Conference;
Br Virgile Agbessi, African Conference;
Br Paolo Quaranta, COMPI (Conference of Minister Provincials of Italy and Albania);
Br Francesco Patton, Conference of the Custody of the Holy Land;
Br Alard Krzysztof Maliszewski, SLAN (North Slavic Conference);
Br Marko Mrše, SLAS (South Slavic Conference).


Br. Byron A. Chamann Anléu
Communications Office General Curia OFM

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