The Minister General: "Living in a spirit of minority, always learning anew to serve our brothers and sisters".

Rome: Definitory Meeting with Conference Presidents concluded

19 May 2023

"With this Eucharist, we conclude our annual meeting, and with this, we give thanks to the Father who raised the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, as we await the gift of the Spirit, who transforms our sadness into joy, as the Gospel has just announced to us,said Brother Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General, during the Eucharist at the conclusion of the General Definitory meeting with the Presidents of the Order's Conferences, held in Rome from 15 to 18 May.

 The Minister General reviewed the activities during the meeting and said: "At the heart remains the promotion of our identity as brothers and the contact with the reality of the time we are living, with the hopes and labours of so many people in the world today. I can testify that so many brothers live in a living relationship with the reality of the people among whom we live. Often on very dangerous borders'.

Taking an example from St Felix of Cantalice, the saint of children, whose liturgical memory was being celebrated, Br Massimo invited the Presidents to live as brothers to so many people, especially the sick and the poor, and concluded his homily by saying: "As we close this meeting and prepare to resume our ordinary life and mission, let us take with us this call to live as brothers, also in our relations with the Ministers and those responsible in the Conferences, and to work with our hands, in a spirit of minority, learning again and again to serve our brothers".

The five-day meeting was greatly appreciated by the Presidents who attended. For Br José Alirio Urbina Rodríguez, President of the Bolivarian Conference, the meeting made one remember, analyse and deepen the mandates of the General Chapter 2021; Br Mikhael Paruhe, President of the South Asia and Oceania Conference, shared his joy at meeting the other presidents and Br Daniel A. Fleitas Zeni, of the South Cone Brazil Conference, also appreciated the meeting. Br Thomas Nairn, President of the ESC (English Speaking Conference), shared his interest in dealing with the themes of synodality, safeguarding of minors, transparent economy and solidarity; Br Fredy Gálvez Angulo of the Mexico and Central America Conference emphasised how this meeting is an important time of closeness with the Minister General and an opportunity to be in communion with the Order. For Br Thodorus Van Andrichem of the Central Europe, Hungary and Transylvania Conference, it was positive to see how the history of the Conferences of the Order has been formed from the grassroots; Br Paolo Quaranta, President of COMPI, highlighted how the Definitory is ready to deal with all the problems of the life of the Order, a sign of vivacity and a willingness to question what the Lord is asking of us today as lesser brothers in the world. Finally, for Br Virgile Agbessi of the African Conference, who attended for the first time, it was interesting to see the strengths and challenges of the Order.

The meeting of the General Definitory with the Presidents of the Conferences is convened at least every two years by the General Minister to deal with the most important questions and issues for the life of the Order (cf. General Statutes 147; 200).

Br. Byron A. Chamann Anléu
Communications Office General Curia OFM

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