Visit of the Minister General to the United States, in Waterford, Chicago, Manitowoc and Franklin

03 December 2021
In these days before the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Br Massimo Fusarelli, accompanied by the General Definitor Br Jimmy Zammit and the Director of the Foundation "Fraternitas" Br Franco Mirri, visited the fraternity of Waterford in Wisconsin which depends on the Minister General and the General Secretariat for the Franciscan Missions which is supported and animated by the Provinces of the United States, in collaboration with the General Curia. Friar Massimo was able to share with the friars their life of prayer, fraternity and also what they live and accomplish through their service. In this way he was able to meet the staff and deepen his current knowledge of what is being done in the Secretariat. Friar Massimo also visited the Infirmaries of the Province of the Assumption and the Province of the Sacred Heart, sharing the Eucharist and moments of encounter and greeting with the senior brothers. In Chicago, Friar Massimo was able to spend an entire day with the temporarily professed and their formators of the Interprovincial House of St. Joseph. During there was an afternoon meeting with the students, formators from St Joseph and brothers from Blessed Giles Friary who are continuing studies after solemn profession. Br Massimo put aside his prepared text and engaged all present for a very rich moment of fraternity and mutual listening about formation today in this country and its prospects, especially for the future of Franciscan life in this great nation. He was then with the brothers of the fraternity of St. Peter's in the center of the city, as well as a visit to the brothers of the Custody of Herzegovina, also in Chicago. These were important days, during which the Minister General was also able to have a meeting with the Provincials of North America and the English Speaking Conference, keeping in mind the journey to the of the new Coast-to-Coast Province in the USA. These were days of grace allowing those involved to enter into a special world, rich in hope and trust, while recognizing the difficulties of every day life. These types of experiences are important for Brother Massimo, together with the General Definitory, so they may get to know and listen “from within” to the different realities in which our international fraternity lives and works in the today’s world.
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