Meeting of the Minister General with the General Visitators 2021

16 November 2021
The 2021 meeting between the Minister General, Br Massimo Fusarelli, and his Definitory with the General Visitators, will take place from 15 to 19 November 2021at the General Curia, Rome. Opening the day’s meeting on 15 November, the Vicar General, Br Isauro Ulises Covili Linfati, presided at the Eucharist. Commenting on the day’s readings, he invited the Visitators to listen to the cries within society, the church and our fraternities: “Today, there are cries for peace, cries for greater humanity, cries for justice, for good health for all, cries for good education, cries for water, cries for the end of Covid 19... cries for reconciliation and fraternity, etc. What are the cries within the Church, in our fraternities...?” Br Massimo Fusarelli, Minister General, said, “The service of the Visitation will thus be first and foremost for you, for us, an exercise of faith, hope and charity. In short, it is not a service that we render outside of ourselves, but from what we are and what the Lord calls us to become”. In his report, Br Massimo invited those present to be grateful by accepting “the gift of faith that helps us recognise the goods that God is still working in our lives today”; to renew our vision “by evaluating how we are brothers and minors today in our life of proclaiming and witnessing to the Gospel in the various missions and services entrusted to our fraternities”; to take care of “ongoing formation in affectivity and the free choice of chastity with sensitivity to the safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults”; to mission and evangelisation in three areas: youth, integral ecology and the digital continent and, finally, to embrace the future with some challenges present in the Order and the entity. At the end of his report, Br Massimo asked the Visitators to “take up this service in your inner life, in the place where your personal identity as men who live the following of Jesus Christ as the heart of their very existence is continually being shaped”. The following Visitators are participating in this meeting: Alojzy WAROT Angelo Maria SOLINAS Boze VULETA Fabio CATENACCI Francesco IELPO Gwidon Grzegorz HENSEL Ivan SESAR Jeronym Frantisek JURKA Jerry BLEEM José González González Jozafat Roman GOHLY Marcel TSHIKEZ KANGWEJ Marcello GHIRLANDO Miro RELOTA Noël MUSCAT Paolo FANTACCINI Stanislaw Josef MAZGAJ Thomas HRASTNIK William SPENCER  



Full text of the Vicar General’s opening homily:


Full text of the Minister General’s report.


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