The Document of the 2018 Plenary Council of the Order (Video)

A quick video introducing the Document of the 2018 Plenary Council:


Those who have ears, let them listen to what the Spirit is saying … to the Friars Minor today 


The Plenary Council of the Order was held in 2018.

Franciscan Friars from 5 continents attended.

We reflected on contemporary realities — in the world, the Church, and the Order.

We devoted time to prayer, study, discussion, and decision-making processes.

We exchanged views and sought practical ways of listening, discernment, and implementation.

So, this is the Final Document that emerged from the reflections of the Council Members and of the General Definitory who engaged in a ‘synodal’ process.

It’s a text that allows us to better understand the realities we face

and it helps us all to place ourselves in an attitude of listening, prayer, and reflection — so as to discern and then identify concrete ways to ‘go forth’,

responding joyfully to the Lord who calls us to conversion

towards a more authentic Franciscan life in the rapidly changing world of today.

The Document, which is the result of a process of listening and of reading the signs of the times, concludes with concrete proposals on three fundamental themes:

Our identity as Franciscans,

Young People,

and the care of our “common home”.

Different countries may instead choose to focus on other topics that arose during the PCO, or on issues that are more relevant to the context in which the friars live.

With this in mind, we ask that each Entity of the Order — and all our fraternities — be involved in this process and then come up with concrete life decisions.

Let us allow the Spirit to lead us to a renewed love for the Trinity and for the friars of the Order.

Download the complete text in PDF:

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