Missions & Evangelisation

The General Secretariat for Missions and Evangelisation


The General Secretariat for the Missions and Evangelisation animates the vocation of all Friars for the “raison d’etre of the Order”: the Evangelisation mission. It is its duty to promote the special vocations for the “ad gentes” mission. It promotes and supports all forms of Evangelisation and promotes international collaboration between the Conferences of Provincial Ministers. The Secretariat is structured in two sectors: mission and evangelisation animation.



Br. Luis Gallardo, OFM
General Secretary for Missions and Evangelisation

Tel. +39.0668491201

Email: missgen@ofm.org


Br. Russel Murray, OFM
General Animator for Evangelisation 

Tel. +39.0668491232

Email: evangen@ofm.org


Br. Israel Ramírez Guevara, OFM

Tel. +39.0668491338

Email: lramirez@ofm.org

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Wherever they are and whatever they do, the friars are to dedicate themselves to the task of evangelisation.


(GC, 5, 85)