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The General Secretariat for Formation and Studies


It is the duty of the General Secretariat for Formation and Studies, in dependence on the Minister General: 1. to moderate all formative activity in the Order; 2. to promote and coordinate formation and studies with suitable means and appropriate initiatives; (Cf. PCO 81, 74.) 3. to ensure the implementation of all that has been expressed and decided by the authorities of the Order with regard to formation and studies and to oversee their observance; (Cf. PCO 81, 89.) 4. to develop an ever-greater cooperation and dialogue between formators. (Cf. PCO 81, 89.)

Franciscan formation and studies
Franciscan Formation



Br. Darko Tepert, OFM
General Secretary for Formation and Studies

Tel. +39.0668491384



Br. Hieronimus Yoseph Dei Rupa, OFM
Vice Secretary 

Tel. +39.0668491234

Fax. +39.0668491385

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